REACH THE STARS WITH US Extremely fast autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol. The best way to earn more GEB is to just hold it in your wallet.

About Us

Project Overview

Designed to be fair, is an innovative lotto game, which incorporates the joy of traditional lotto experience into the security, reliability, transparency and performance of blockchain technology, to ensure both traditional lotto players and crypto-enthusiasts enjoy the future, today, while empowering players by giving back to the community. is the world’s first fully and truly decentralized and transparent cryptocurrency lottery operated by an Binance smart contract making it the most trusted and secured lottery in the world. A lottery game that is conventionally ruled, anonymously played, and autonomously operated

Our Services


How GEB works

There is 8% tax on each transactions, 4% of it goes to the holders and 4% is automatically locked in the liquidity pool

Auto-burning liquidity

4% of each transaction is added to the liquidity pool and burnt forever. This contributes to less volatility and a continuously increasing price floor.

Digital Marketing

We will let you plan and create all possible strategies to creatively market your products and services to the customers and increase leads.

Deflationary all the time

We burned 47% of the total supply after launch and sent it straight to the black hole address. The liquidity pool of GEB is growing constantly. 4% of tokens from each transactions done with GEB is added to the Liquidity Pool, by transforming them into GEB LP Tokens, with ownership of the tokens renounced by sending them to the burn address.

How We do it


  • Prepare your crypto wallet

    Install MetaMask ( or use any other wallet. Connect your MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain (How To Guides are at the Binance website).

  • Buy BNB on Binance

    Buy BNB (Binance Coin) on Binance and withdraw it to your wallet.

  • Connect PancakeSwap & Pick V1 or V2

    Go to PancakeSwap ( and click ‘Connect’ in the top right corner.

  • Add the $GEB token

    Add the GEB token by pasting the Smart Contract address: 0x869dd7a64afbe5370a8c591d9b8650be60c0b8f6

  • Swap your BNB for GEB!

    Now you are ready to go and can swap your BNB for GEB!